Our mission is to be a reliable brand in the industry, renowned for providing best-in-class hair solutions and products. From superior hairs, to revolutionary hair systems, beauty and barber products, we endeavor to have something for everyone. Our in-depth understanding of the hair industry and the opportunities it presents position us well to recognize, satisfy, and even exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Likewise, we are committed to a continuous investment in research and development to deliver on great innovations and results that further drive our goals.
At Harje Hair Collection, we hope to create life-changing opportunities that maximize passion for excellence, while offering financial rewards and enrichment to such parties as Independent Representatives, Retailers, and Employers. We believe that by building a friendly community of suppliers, vendors, and consumers; it becomes easier to deliver on excellent services and customer satisfaction.
We continuously strive to develop customer intimacy through effective dialogue and enlightenment on their needs and best possible solutions. Thus, we ultimately build our value and theirs, while driving innovations, and enhancing the market generally.
Our three-point master plan is highlighted below:

1. Best Products
By offering the best products, we hope to make our customers happy, confident and loyal. We believe that you deserve the best as a customer; thus our solutions are inspired by you. In addition to excellent customer service, we consistently maintain a competitive edge by delivering high-quality products, prompt order fulfillment, and excellent customer relations. We encourage a seamless shopping experience through our smart, responsive, and searchable website, which offers easy-to-follow instructions, transparent and secure payment methods, and ultimately fast, efficient, and quality delivery.

2. Beauty Professionals
By effectively serving beauty professionals in the industry, we contribute to their goals of customer satisfaction and increased revenues. Our mission is to revive the already-fading business relationship between beauty professionals and consumers. We supply barber shops and salons with the best hair products at affordable rates, making them more-equipped for excellent service delivery.

3. Economic Opportunities
We seek to share the exceptional economic opportunity that comes with a global and fast-growing trend, through direct and social selling methods. We are also committed to helping individuals achieve that economic independence and prosperity that comes with being a business owner. For beginners, we aim to help them build productive businesses that are beyond just jobs, but lifestyles!


Our vision at Harje Hair Collection is to extend the reach of our products and services; achieve satisfactory customer service; and champion productive opportunities for a better future. We are committed to positively impacting lives through excellent products and services that offer amazing looks and enhanced confidence, which better equip them to take on life opportunities and fulfill dreams. We seek to break through physical boundaries; touching lives anywhere in the world.
These aspirations declare our purpose as a company and ultimately represent our standards.
urpose as a company and ultimately represent our standards.


OUR PRESIDENT, as a second generation hairstylist, my professional experience spans over two decades. I have virtually done hair all my life, having been raised in a hair salon. From age 9, I was fed with a strong entrepreneurial instinct and a creative flair, and this further ignited my passion for hair styling. Thus, it did not take me so long to realize my dream – to revolutionize the hair industry, and I wasted no time in working towards it. At 21, I already owned my salon and had attained the status of an educator for major beauty brands, providing excellent hair styling education and enlightenment all over the country.

Even at this, I never wanted to stop, and the passion to do more was ever present. The drive to create a brand that offers excellent solutions and build lasting dreams kept intensifying. It took me ten years, and in the end, Harje Hair Collection was born.

Harje Hair Collection is a platform that creates opportunities while motivating and encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams and be the best they can be. The platform goes beyond building confidence and transforming appearance; it helps individuals achieve economic independence and experience the prosperity that comes with being a business owner.

For me, being in the industry, and amassing all these exposures and achievements, is a privilege. And it’s one I want to share with the world. I am Leo Eley, and I’m committed to shaping the present and the future of the hair industry, through Harje Hair Collection.